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Welcome to Tristan’s Tips and Tricks!

There exists a lot of knowledge in science that is not taught in textbooks or lab classes. You may find nuggets of information deep in footnotes of the SI of a long-forgotten paper in an obscure journal, learn about it from a colleague in grad school, or accidentally invent a more efficient way of doing an experiment. It’s a shame that this kind of information doesn’t get shared more efficiently; It is rarely substantial enough to write a bona fide journal article, but just telling a handful of colleagues doesn’t really help spread the word. Therefore, I have decided to start this blog / article series that I hope will help disseminate some of the tricks of the trade I have stumbled upon.

There actually exists a great website that does a great job sharing this kind of information in organic chemistry: Alison Fronteir’s Not Voodoo. In contrast, here I will mostly focus on molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics and scientific software.

I will try to announce whenever a new post goes up on my Twitter. I don’t tweet very often, so I won’t take over your timeline if you decide to follow me. I do not want to deal with moderating comments on this website, so please reply to the tweet if you want to start a discussion.

In my posts, I will often link to products that I personally like to use. I am not sponsored by anybody to post any links and do not make money off these posts. If you find the same product but better and/or cheaper, by all means let me know!

I hope this will be helpful!

- Tristan